Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Scrap The Girls - June

May was a blur of a relapse, treatment and (LOL) parties! Given the relapse and treatment it should have consisted of far more rest but when you've had parties planned for weeks and friends flying in from interstate what can you do? Other than buy out the bottle shop and party LOL?! I decided I'd rest in June. And scrap. I hadn't scrapped since April and was having withdrawals.

So June it is and I've made a start. At resting, and scrapping.

Miss K

Scrap The Girls had the perfect challenge to get me started .. winter colours. Think brown, blue, red, orange, green. No pastels, no brights. Perfect yes? I went with the reds and blues (obviously LOL!!). If you're interested in giving Scrap The Girls' June challenge a go you can find all the details HERE.   :)

PS: I'm off to rest .. and maybe scrap!   ;)


  1. Great LO Alz....love the tittle. Sorry to hear about relapse but glad you made a recovery. Super,super happy to hear you have been partying and with Sandy no less. Enjoy June....get back into the scrapping :)

  2. just checked this out ... love it ... love the colors and the balance Alz