Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Selina .. with White With 1

Afternoon peeps!

This is the second layout I created on the weekend. I was in a pink state of mind so decided to use the White With 1 challenge to play along with. Of course this sublime photo of my friend's little girl screamed to be scrapped with this month's colour, Pink Whisper.


A few close ups of my layout ..

If you fancy giving the White With 1 October challenge a go you can find all the details you need HERE.

Happy scrapping!

Alz  :)

Delightful .. with Scrap The Girls

Morning peeps!

It is still morning isn't it?? Oops, no it's not, but it is somewhere in the world isn't it?!

I did a wee bit of scrapping on the weekend. Just two layouts mind. I don't know if its the blue skies and shining sun of spring in Melbourne, chasing away those winter blues, but I feel like cleaning up in my scrap room. That never happens. Never. Me feeling like doing that, not the cleaning up bit lol. Although that's infrequent too. So I interspersed a bit of scrapping, a bit of tidying and sorting things out. You know how it is yes?

Meanwhile I digress. One of the layouts I created on the weekend was for the Scrap The Girls October challenge.


The challenge was to Think Pink for Breast Cancer awareness month here in Australia. Although my mum hasn't had breast cancer, she's had long, ugly battles with other cancer and this photo of her as a healthy, young woman, wearing pink, in a dress she'd made herself, begged to be scrapped for this challenge.

Here are a few close ups ..

As you'll see from the Scrap The Girls challenge, I think I was clearly influenced by the black and white with the pink ..

Anyways, if you'd like to give this challenge a go, you can find all the details you need HERE.

Happy scrapping.

Alz  :)

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Enjoy .. with Kraft+

Heh all!

I'm thrilled to share this layout with you. Thrilled because a few months back I was asked to be a Guest Designer for Kraft+. Doing a happy dance!!! Lol! So anyways, of course I said yes, and then I was sent through the challenge .. "I can see clearly now". This is what I came up with ..


I knew exactly which photo I wanted to scrap .. this one of my niece floating in clear, clear water at the beach. I used clear embossing powder with a cool, very, very old, stamp I haven't used in years; I also used some clear, glass cabochons; I applied clear Glossy Accents to my watercolour feathers; and finally I attached a clear transparency quote to my photo. There is a ton of 'seeing clearly' on my layout and I'm thrilled with how it came together.

Here are a few close ups which might help you to 'see clearly' what I've created ..

Oh I also used a strip of an old, old Hambly Screenprints transparency with a pink grid on it. Yes, I had just a bit of fun digging through my stash to find clear items. Anyways. If you're in the mood, you can find all the details you need for the Kraft+ challenge HERE.

Happy scrapping!

PS: Thanks for asking me to be a Guest Designer Kraft+ ..

Friday, September 29, 2017

It's a dog's life .. with Let's Get Sketchy

Heh peeps!

I don't know about you but I love a good sketch challenge. Depending on my mood I could follow the sketch almost to a tee, 'liberally' interpret it (wink wink lol), or just see where it takes me and who knows what I might end up with. But that's the beauty of sketches don't you think?

It's a dog's life

I created the above layout using this month's sketch at Let's Get Sketchy ..

A few close ups ..

If you fancy giving this month's sketch challenge at Let's Get Sketchy a go, and there's still time, you can find all the details you need HERE.

Happy scrapping!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Puppy?? .. with Show Us Your Stuff

Heh friends!

I had a chance to scrap on the weekend. I didn't exactly get a whole lot done but am hoping to finish a layout I started, in the next day or two. Anyways, this month the challenge at Show Us Your Stuff really appealed to me .. mixed media plus a handmade embellishment. This is what I came up with ..


One of the things I really like about the Show Us Your Stuff challenges is the requirement to use a handmade embellishment.

I have used a Charms Creations heart and I stamped and cut out the dog in the bottom right hand corner. A few close ups ..

If you're interested in giving the Show Us Your Stuff September challenge a go, you can find all the details you need HERE. Have fun!

Happy scrapping!!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Life is wonderful .. with A2Z Scraplets

Heh peeps!

Just me, back again to share another layout I recently created. This time I was inspired by the A2Z Scraplets' challenge to create a layout using a new technique, or a technique you haven't used in a long time, or a new product. I went with a technique I haven't used in a (very, very) long time .. using glue to cover chipboard with patterned paper and when dry, sanding off the excess for slightly distressed edges.

Life is wonderful

I used a couple of A2Z Scraplets' chipboard trees that I've had in my stash for so long I don't think they even stock them anymore! Hang on a minute, they do! I just found them .. A2Z Scraplets Tree Branches.

Anyways, they were the perfect match for my photo. Here's a couple of close ups ..

I think you could just about make it if you get moving, so here's all the details for the A2Z Scraplets August challenge.

Happy scrapping!

Little things .. with Kraft+

Heh peeps!

I am slowly getting the hang of creating with kraft cardstock. I've been trying to play along with the challenges over at Kraft+ more frequently for practice. It seems to be working. Fingers crossed I haven't just jinxed myself.

Little things

I loved this month's challenge .. "leaves & branches" ..

This challenge was a great opportunity for me to scrap one of my many nature themed pics from when I explored the, beautiful beyond words, Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. I haven't really known how to approach them before now so am glad to have this one I can scraplift in the future.

Also, I had a lot of fun playing with Tim Holtz Oxide inks to create a background. I decided I wasn't happy with the amount of coverage I had (almost the entire page, which is a lot for me these days), so I cut the background I had created into strips and used them to matt my photo. I think it worked a treat .. custom made kraft patterned cardstock you could say. lol.

Here's some close ups of my layout ..

Thanks yet again for a wonderful challenge and lots of inspiration Kraft+!

Meanwhile, if you want to give this challenge a go, I reckon you've got just about enough time. You can find all the details HERE.

Happy scrapping!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Be brave .. with Scrap the Girls

Afternoon peeps!

Who's scrapping this weekend and what's on your agenda? I'm hoping to get my scrap on a little later and will definitely be hitting up some of our fabulous Aussie challenge blogs for inspiration.

Talking of fabulous Aussie challenge blogs .. "wowsers" was my response to the Scrap the Girls "Dark Moon" mood board this month. It was to die for. Literally. This is what I was inspired to create.

Be brave

Wowsers indeed right?!
"Dark Moon"

I was instantly inspired to scrap my niece Mia, to use feathers in a cluster type arrangement I've been wanting to trial for ages, and to draw out those beautiful burnt umber tones. Then I just ran with it. Truly divine (the mood board that is lol). Way to go Scrap the Girls!!!!

A few close ups of my layout ..

If nothing else this weekend, you seriously have to check out the "Dark Moon" mood board challenge at Scrap the Girls. You can find all the details HERE.

Happy scrapping!

Sweet boyz .. with Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia

Heh peeps!

This is my first time giving any of the challenges at Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia a go. I remember them from years and years ago when they had a forum (?) and didn't even know that they were still running challenges, but as a blog!! So check them out peeps! Anyways this month they have a fabulous mood board challenge and this is what I created ..

Sweet boyz

Here is their fabulous mood board ..

Admittedly I had a few false starts because I was super inspired by so many of the elements but am so glad I persevered. Here are a couple of close ups ..

If the mood board inspires you too, why not check out their challenge HERE and take it for a test run yourself?

Happy scrapping peeps!

PS: Yeah I know, the mood board features a puppy so I kinda had to scrap it didn't I?! lol.

Family .. with Kraft+

Heh peeps!

Its been a long time between drinks. My mojo didn't just leave the building, it up and quit. As in packed its archive box with its pot plants, mug and picture frames and walked out. With the help of my girlfriend Sandy I'm trying to convince it to come back. lol.

Re the mojo, I'm not kidding. It took me almost 10 hours to do this layout ..


I know right?! Almost 10 hours!!  :O

I blame Kraft+. I've very quickly becoming a tad addicted to their challenges, when I'm scrapping that is. Anyways this month their challenge is to use roses three ways.

As in three different ways! I'm sure I spent about nine of those ten hours scrapping scratching my head trying to think of what roses I had in my stash. Noice one Kraft+! lol.

Seriously but, what a great challenge! If you fancy giving it a go yourself, check out all the details HERE. Oh and here's a quickie close up of my layout ..

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Contented spirit .. with Kraft+

This is my last share from the weekend scrapping with my girlfriend Sandy. We decided to do the Kraft+ challenge together. Sandy, because she does every, single challenge Kraft+ puts up. Me, because I need to push my boundaries and this month's challenge was about paint swatches and it just sounded like fun!!!

So off Sandy and I went to raid my local paint store. Oh and when I say 'raid' I mean as in the pillaging type. I justified our excessive amounts of paint swatches to us as we left with something like "you know, they get those paint swatches from the paint manufacturers so we're not really doing anything to the shop". lol. Oh I hope that I was right about that one.

Anyways, this is the layout I created.

Contented spirit

Although I thought this was an uber cool challenge, I didn't want my layout to become all about the paint swatches with them taking over the rest of my page. Does that make sense? But I definitely wanted them to be the inspiration for my page. So I took some quite long swatches with neutral white colours and trimmed them down to thin strips. I was then inspired to create a layout with my elements  long and thin and off to one side. Whilst raiding the paint store for swatches, I also found some neat, kraft coloured, textured swatches, one of which ended up in my layers.

Some close ups ..

I'm not sure which was more fun. Zipping out with Sandy to the paint store where we discussed building houses and renovating 'blah blah blah' (wink wink) during our paint swatch raid, or creating the layout itself. Whatever. Thanks so much for the inspiration Kraft+!

If you want to give the Kraft+ challenge a go this month you can find all the details you need HERE.

Happy scrapping!

special thanks to ReseneDulux and Paint Spot
no paint swatches were harmed during the making of this layout. actually that's a falsehood. lol