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My name is Alison Callcott but my friends call me Alz.

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my best friend (he's also my husband!) ‘GB’ and our furry friend Bear, a Kelpie x Heeler whom we re-homed. I am a PwMS (Person with MS) who is passionate about many, many people and things in life, including scrapbooking and mixed media.

There is however more to me than having MS and being a scrapbooking/mixed media junkie!

I’m a frustrated, wannabe interior designer who wants to continually build new homes, decorate them, live in them (to enjoy my hard work for a little while), and then move on. I love to travel. I’m like a gypsy. If it wasn’t for GB’s work, I think I’d sell and move (or build!!) ever few years! It’s been several years since I went overseas (to the US) but this year (2014) has seen me go on a ten day, road trip in South Australia from Adelaide to Port Lincoln, and I have flights booked for South Australia (again!!) in October and then Queensland in November. I desperately want to travel and explore more of Australia, and overseas, but for the most part, finances keep me grounded.

Like most people I have more personal interests than I have the time to explore them. I love going to the movies (preferably the drive ins), going for drives (and picnics) in the country and photography. I am passionate about animal welfare, the environment, women’s rights and voluntary euthanasia. Buddhism fascinates me and I meditate several times a day, every day. I collect vintage Murano art glass, enjoy cooking with GB in our ‘gourmet’ kitchen, and cannot pass up spending quality time with friends. I live a good, but quiet, simple life. I am happy. Mostly.

When it comes to the big screen, give me an action movie, an edge of your seat suspense/thriller, a romantic comedy, any comedy, but please no violence. I want to be entertained. Whilst I used to be a prolific reader, the MS has resulted in some cognitive changes making reading a book a little difficult these days. Where once I enjoyed a good John Grisham or Robin Cook novel, now I’d rather read something biographical about an everyday person who has experienced something extraordinary; or a really funny comedy travel book. My favourites would have to be Down Under by Bill Bryson and Brian Thacker’s Rule No. 5 No Sex on the Bus.

My music tastes are somewhat eclectic. When I work out (which isn’t so often these days) I reckon it’s hard to beat Pink or 80s disco to get the heart pumping. When relaxing I like to listen to classical music. When creating, I prefer something ‘easy listening’, but still current, and a little country or Indi. When I’m driving it has to be what’s currently playing on the radio .. rap and dance music answer the call of the vibrant, young person in my soul. When I’m writing (like now) I must have the sound of silence. I’m unable to concentrate or think clearly when there is noise around me. Apart from the sounds of nature I need complete silence. It’s an MS thing .. environmental noise is my enemy.

I am a warm, friendly, open and honest person. I am caring and compassionate and have a great sense of humour. I believe in living life to the fullest and in line with my Buddhist inclinations, believe in the power of mindfulness. I am hopeful, forever optimistic and believe that there are no obstacles in life, simply challenges to overcome.

That, my friends, is me.

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