Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Scrapbook Creations - Design Diva competition

Those of you who know me well know that Scrapbook Creations is my absolute favourite Australian scrapbooking magazine. I am proud to have now had a number of layouts and projects published in Scrapbook Creations and was uber excited when I found out they were running their Design Diva competition again this year.

I had to enter and despite leaving it until almost the last minute to get my entry in, I did. I wasn't successful. I wasn't even short listed LOL! Am I disappointed? Not really, oddly enough. Although it would have been wonderful ..

Of the three required projects, I thought the one that would really let my entry down was my OTP. For the most part, OTPs just aren't my thing. If I have a 'stroke of genius' I can sometimes pull something amazing off, but for the most part OTPs leave me stumped. The problem I found was that no 'strokes of genius' were heading my way in time for me to complete my entry. The only thing left was to create a suite of cards. Ironically, this was the one project Scrapbook Creations wanted to publish!!!!!!! In the end I didn't proceed with having the cards published because, quite honestly, I had put so much work into the techniques, elements and details on the cards, it would have taken me days to write the step by step instructions Scrapbook Creations required for the feature. I can't believe I 'rejected an acceptance' but I guess sometimes other things in life have to take precedence yes?

These are my entry projects ..

entry 1 - a piece of me
published in Scrapbooking Memories Vol. 16 No. 3
"Although I like to experiment with different products and techniques, the style of scrapping I find myself returning to time and time again is a clean and neat, often pretty, and elegant one, incorporating lots of journaling (there is hidden journaling on my tag as well as on the layout) and attention to detail."

entry 2 - signature style
"Creating depth with layers, paints and inks, adding textiles and other mixed media, stitching and distressing, are all some of my favourite techniques to use when scrapping."

Champ de fleurs
entry 3 - Off-The-Page
"I was making cards for several years before I started scrapbooking so it seemed natural to me to return to my grass roots and make a card suite for this challenge in my favourite card style .. vintage, shabby botanicals."

So there you have it. The fish that John West rejected LOL! Until next time .. keep crafting!!!   :)


  1. You will always be a scrap diva to me Alz!!!!! Good on you for applying. I love them all.
    I think your approach is great "balance" is the key. Do what is best for you.

    1. Thanks a million for your gorgeous comment Sarah!!! :) xx

  2. I agree with Sarah you're always a Scrap Diva.

    These are all amazing, you are just so talented. I love your work.
    L&H xx

  3. Yes, I do agree with Sarah and Lizzy, Alz. You are very good at scrapping, you know. Among many other things :)

  4. I've just found you from the "stenciled" gallery! Wow, I love what you've made. Amazing. C x

    1. Thanks Carole! I can't wait for the first class to go up!!! :)