Monday, June 10, 2013

Inside a dark and anxious mind

As with any drug/treatment, there are often unwanted side effects. The treatment for my MS relapse is no different and recently I find myself struggling with generalised anxiety. I find generalised anxiety quite frustrating because there isn't any specific problem you can work through cognitively or rationally. All I have are the physical symptoms of anxiety which by the end of the day accumulate to a point where I'm desperately looking for the Valium and then when I find it, can barely open the bottle because my hands are shaking so badly!!!!

In the past when cognitive (or other) therapy hasn't worked for my actual anxiety disorder (yep I have one of those too LOL!) I've turned to art to distract myself. This time I turned to scrapbooking.

He's not you

I think you can see I'm not feeling my normal, happy self in this layout. Its kind of dark, and grungy, messy, and haphazard. Yes? Yes!! And that's how it came together, haphazardly. In the light of a new day I like it.

Meanwhile I'm going to continue distracting myself with the help of some fabulous friends, continue scrapping, add in some quilting, and perhaps even throw in some serious house cleaning for good measure in a desperate attempt to keep this anxiety at bay! Until next time .. stay calm, remember to breathe, remind yourselves that "this too shall pass", and keep scrapping!!!   :)

PS: The dark and gloomy journaling is behind the photo .. way too dark and gloomy to share LOL!!!   :P

PPS: I probably won't do the serious house cleaning!!   ;)


  1. Alz I can see how you were feeling just looking at this, but I love how it's turned out.
    Love & hugs always xx

    1. Thanks Liz. Love and hugs straight back to you. :) xx