Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hopelessly addicted to scrapbooking

How do you know when you are hopelessly addicted to scrapbooking? Perhaps when you buy clothing for your children based on the latest patterned papers you have bought. Or when you spend more time taking photos of an occasion than actually stopping to enjoy it. If you take inappropriate photos because of their humorous scrapping potential, or don't stop to clean up a mess or help someone in, say, a small accident or mishap, because you want to photograph the moment first. These could be but a few of the tell tale signs of being a tad on the addicted side! Another might be basing what photos you actually take on the LO you want to later create. This was one such moment ..

published in Scrapbook Creations issue 68

As I was taking these photos of my girlfriend's little girl at the Royal Melbourne Show I knew I would want to scrap them. So what did I do? When the ride had stopped, I very carefully took photos of all the elephant 'carts' so I could print them to use as embellishments. Did GB and my girlfriend think I was completely crazy? Yes!! Am I happy that I did? Yes! Am I hopelessly addicted to scrapbooking? Yes! LOL!!! But what a great, albeit expensive LOL, addiction to have.   :)

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  1. LOL! It's a great addiction to have! The elephants look fabulous!