Sunday, February 10, 2013

Doubles trouble

Like a lot of scrappers, double page LOs are not my preferred format and are most definitely not my forte. I literally only need both hands to count the number of double LOs I have created in the eight years I have been scrapping. Literally. Of those, there are only a few I really feel comfortable sharing!! What is it with doubles? I did do a double recently, and shared it on my blog, and (LOL) it was even picked up for publishing!!! So again, what is it with doubles? And me?

When I do create a double LO, albeit ever so rarely, I usually tape the two background sheets together on the reverse and approach the LO as a larger, different shaped single. Therein might lie the problem? Perhaps I don't like the rectangle shape? I know I'm not a huge fan of 8.5x11" LOs. I mean I love what other people do with that format, I just struggle with it myself. Another thing with double LOs is that they usually mean multiple photos and I'm not huge on using more than one, perhaps two, tops, three, photos.

Here are just a few of the doubles I have done which, as mentioned above, I feel 'comfortable' (LOL!!) sharing ..

Meerkat madness

17 Years and 11 Days

A love ever-lasting

Enjoying challenges like I do, perhaps I should challenge myself to create more double LOs in 2013? I know for sure that if I scrapped more of the photos from my old photo albums I would definitely have plenty of 'multiple photos fodder' to work with! Emptying those albums is definitely a goal for me and one I confess I haven't worked particularly diligently on. Also one of the Scrapbooking Memories Masters challenges for 2012 was to create a double LO and the LOs the 2013 Masters and Honourable Mentions came up with were fabulous! A couple of them have actually stuck in my memory and very little sticks in my memory LOL! Perhaps I can feel some scrap lifting coming on?   :)

PS: Do you notice any similarities between 17 Years and 11 Days and A love ever-lasting? LOL I subconsciously scrap lifted myself!!!   :P


  1. Great pages :) Just thought i would share with you i have nominated your blog for a Liebster Award :)

  2. These are great double layouts! They certainly tell a story. I find double layouts rather challenging but am quite inspired seeing yours!

  3. Beautiful layouts, Alz, and i really appreciate the tips and hints you included for making double trouble layouts :)

    PS: I gave you an award on my blog to help more people come and visit and see them. Hope it helps! Hugs. xxx