Sunday, February 3, 2013

A stitch in time

I still remember my girlfriend (heh SJ!) teaching me how to do back stitch (or is it running stitch?) over the phone from Canberra. She had me get out a piece of cardstock and pierce four holes in it, which I numbered one through to four. She told me to "come up through one, go down through two, then up through three and back down through two, then up through four, and down through three." Huh?!?! LOL!!!! But I got it! I guess the fact that her instructions were very clear and that when I was a lot younger I knew how to embroider helped.

Who knew where that lesson in hand stitching for my LOs would eventually lead!!!

Postcards from Phoenix
published in Scrapbook Creations issue 65

Bendoc's Biggen
published in Scrapbook Creations issue 72

I confess my stitches aren't always the neatest, the same size or even (when required) necessarily straight. But I love the texture and dimension they add to a LO. As I write this post I realise however that I haven't hand stitched on a page in quite some time. For a long while I desperately wanted to use my sewing machine to add stitching but, now seriously don't laugh LOL, was ever so slightly terrified of doing so. Once I got over that 'hurdle' I didn't look back and now when I want to add stitching to my pages I always turn to my sewing machine. Although certainly using the sewing machine is quicker, it achieves an altogether different effect though doesn't it? Note to self .. incorporate some hand stitching on my next project(s).

Meanwhile, thanks SJ for teaching me how to do whatever stitch it is I've used on these LOs all those years ago.    :)

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  1. You're very welcome sunshine. I'm loving seeing you stitch on layouts! Xx