Saturday, February 26, 2011

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When GB and I were renting (in between having sold our old home and waiting for construction of the new one to be completed) we rented a home in a new estate with enormous, empty paddocks behind us with the most vast, open skies.  Skies larger than anything we had ever seen before in Melbourne.  Well at least compared to those we had grown accustomed to seeing from our backyard at our previous inner city home where the nights were never truly dark because of all the city lights.  These unobstructed skies out west were like those from the country ... possibly even better, because they were in our own backyard!!!

The living end of our home faced directly west.  We had really, really large sliding glass doors which faced directly west.  It was hot.  Hotter than hot.  We had no shade.  Nothing at all.  Even in the middle of a freezing cold Melbourne's winter it was hot.  Too hot.  In summer it bordered on unbearable.  But every single night nature put on a spectacular show, seemingly just for us.  I don't know how many other people (if any) living on our side of the street with the same western aspect stopped to enjoy these magical moments in each night.  But when GB was home we certainly did.  Oh and did we photograph them ... much?  LOL it almost became a competition between the two of us to see who could get the better photos.  Don't tell GB but I'll confess that without the use of a tripod his top of the range Panasonic Lumix took some pretty darn amazing photos and the one on this LO is one of his.

So yep, we sweltered.  So much so I lost weight ROFL!!!  I don't miss the sweltering now that we're in our new home; but I sure do miss the spectacular sunsets.  And those quiet moments standing together, in each other's arms, watching the day slowly come to an end.

Thanks Lucy (Crazymumm) for a fabulous sketch to work with for the ScrapChat February sketch challenge.  It was exactly what this photo needed.

products include a Rhonna Farrer digital frame, Bo Bunny dots cardstock, various dies, a gorgeous {Yillup Designs} beaded crocheted flower, and a handmade and designed stick pin by Leababy (thanks for the RAK Leanne and yes please ... LOL I'm begging you ... do hold a stick pin swap!!!)

Lucy's sketch

Wishing everyone the start to a fabulous weekend.  Hugs ...

PS:  Does anyone have any tips for photographing LOs with large (or small for that matter) transparencies on them without (a) getting yourself in the reflection of the transparency and (b) without getting any shading or grey areas on the transparency?  This is an appallingly bad photo of my LO but I'm otherwise at a loss.  Any and all tips and techniques would be gratefully received.  :)

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