Sunday, February 27, 2011

These little piggies went to market

Well, actually they went to Universal Magazines not to market, and some of them stayed home.  :)

Around the middle of last year (2010) when our new home was nearing completion and life was crazy busy with all the things you need to do that no-one ever tells you about when you first mention you're going to build (most people just look at you with shock horror and others just start hysterically laughing with no explanation!!), I needed something creative to do, but it had to be small.  My scrapping stash, which had never been fully unpacked (or even half unpacked for that matter) after we moved from our old home to a rental whilst we waited for our new home to be built, was back in the process of being slowly packed again.  We were out at the new house site nearly every other day.  We were busy getting quotes for post hand over work.  I was meant to be packing.  Scrapping really had to take a back seat.  But if I didn't do something creative I think would I have gone completely mad!  So I set about making a series of cards featuring Pink Pigs I made with the Sizzix Pig #2 die.  The pigs themselves were easy to make ... I'd die-cut them during the day and then sit down of an evening and bring them to life with a little shading here and there whilst watching TV.

For a little while there I seemed to eat, sleep and dream about Pink Pigs.  This wasn't my usual kind of thing but I was having sooooooooo much fun and they were just soooooooooooo irresistible!!  Eventually I ended up with a collection of eight cards before I made myself stop!!  I had covered card occasions from love and bon voyage to Christmas and get well.  What was I supposed to do with them all??  I loved my Pink Pigs.  How could I possibly bear to give them away??  But what was I supposed to do with a set of eight Pink Pigs cards?  Just store them for all of eternity LOL?  I had some pretty positive feedback from some friends who had seen the cards and so I decided, nothing ventured, nothing gained, and I submitted them to some scrapbooking magazines.  Scrapbook Creations picked them up in a heartbeat.  Well sadly not all of them ... five of them for a feature article which appeared in Scrapbook Creations Issue 85 ... and one of them for the Christmas Gallery in Scrapbook Creations Issue 84.  The two cards but actually four pigs who "stayed home" survived the rejection well LOL.  In fact I'm not even sure if they realised exactly what was going on.  In any event, without further ado, please give my 'herd' of Pink Pigs a warm hello ...

featuring Tim Holtz and Sizzix dies, Maya Road trim and various cardstock
published in Scrapbook Creations Issue 85

Bon Voyage
featuring Sizzix die, My Little Shoebox patterned papers, and Cavallini & Co Paris gift tags
published in Scrapbook Creations Issue 85

Happy birthday (for the hippy in your life)
featuring Sizzix die, and Basic Grey and My Little Shoebox patterned papers
published in Scrapbook Creations Issue 85

Happy birthday (message from a little birdie)
featuring Sizzix die, Collage Press patterned papers and Maya Road trim
[this little piggy stayed home]

Get Well Soon
featuring Stampin' Up! and Sizzix dies, K&Co patterned papers, muslin and haberdashery items
published in Scrapbook Creations Issue 85

featuring Tim Holtz and Sizzix dies, Fancy Pants patterned papers and a Charlotte's Web quote
published in Scrapbook Creations Issue 85

Randolph the red nosed piggy
featuring Sizzix dies, Doodlebug Design Inc patterned papers, and haberdashery
published in Scrapbook Creations Issue 84

Merry Christmas (We Three Kings)
featuring Sizzix die, My Little Shoebox patterned papers, and Tim Holtz grunge shapes as templates
[these little piggies stayed home]

*** please note***
the font used on all these cards is 2Peas Magic Forest
also, no Pink Pigs were harmed in the making of these cards

Clearly I love die-cutting and making my own handmade embellishments.  Yes I love a good laugh and like to make things a little (or a lot!!!) tongue in cheek at times.  And I do love to work with fun and funky, bold and bright colours and products.  At the moment though I'm fighting what I feel is going to be a losing battle ... I have giraffes on my mind ...



  2. You out did yourself on these they are so cute.