Friday, February 25, 2011

Favourite ... preferred above others

The weekly challenges at ScrapChat this year are all about favourites.  Every Friday 'K', formally known as Kylie Abel, but also known to me as Special K and Techno K, puts up a new 'favourite' for us to scrap about.  No-one (obviously LOL!!) has to do any or all of the favourite challenges however I have seen some pretty incredible journals created in past years with other challenge criteria and this year I wanted to create one of those amazingly eclectic journals for myself.

I haven't popped into ScrapChat today to see what this week's favourite challenge is but to be honest, I'm in no immediate hurry as I haven't yet done last week's!  As I'll be sharing my journal entries from week to week on my blog I figured I might as well bring you up to speed with my journal entries so far.
Week 1 ... Favourite hobby

Week 2 ... Favourite celebrity

Week 3 ... Favourite food/dinner

Week 4 ... Favourite childhood toy

Week 5 ... Favourite job

Week 6 ... Favourite personal feature

Week 7 (last week) was something along the lines of your favourite home or place you have lived ... or something ... yep I need to double check what it is before I start doing it LOL, although I do have a fairly good idea of what I want to do.  Week 8 (this week) remains a mystery to me so far.  But stay tuned ...

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