Monday, February 23, 2015

Mastering the Art .. Part 2

Morning peeps!

I'm back with the second layout from my "Mastering the art" feature for Scrapbooking Memories.

Falls Creek
published in Scrapbooking Memories Vol 17 No 8

As mentioned in my previous post Mastering the Art .. Part 1 this is just a quick share. Mercilessly quick for both you and me LOL! Mercilessly quick for me because I think I can feel a bit of mojo creeping back which means I'd rather be scrapping than chatting LOL!!! Mercilessly quick for you because I know that sometimes (??) I can go on and on. But that's me. Simples!

Anyways its Monday, the start of the working week. I hope that you have a fabulous week. You can rest assured that whilst you're toiling away at your desk I'll be hanging out at the dog beach with Bear (weather permitting), scrapping, indulging in beauty spa treatments, catching up with girlfriends for coffee, you know, the usual. Oh and thinking of you!

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