Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Travels .. with just me

I recently shared a layout with you which I created for a challenge which means I had the time in my scrapping schedule to scrap for a challenge. Have you any idea how rare that is for me? Well guess what? There's something even rarer. Yep. Me having the time to scrap something 'just because'.


I created a layout not all that dissimilar to this one not long ago. I tried to keep this one much the same, but different, as I want them to sit in the album together and compliment each other, without them being a double. What do you think?

Now its back to the DT scrapping which, incidentally, I love!!! Lucky about that huh?!


  1. I reckon you nailed the double.

  2. I love this layout and now that I have seen the other one I love them both. I love to take pics of things and places too and I have scrapped loads of layouts that don't have people in them.... I love your style Alz and I love the colours in these two layout. Just fabulous

  3. These could definitely be a double, I would put them side by side in an album! They look wonderful!