Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Yesterday I created a layout using the criteria from a new challenge blog (Scrap Around The World) without even realising that unlike most challenge blogs, your entry wasn't due on the last day of the month, it was due yesterday!!! So there I was, in the freezing cold (I seriously need to move north!!) very late in the afternoon, out the front of the house on the footpath where the setting sun still had a glimmer of light, trying to get a half decent photo of my layout to upload to my blog so I could be a part of the challenge fun. I think some of my neighbours thought I was seriously batty. They're probably right!

This morning I was up with whichever birds don't worry about catching the worm and enjoy a half decent sleep in, outside (in my own backyard, actually al fresco) in the (still) freezing cold (actually it was colder), trying to take some photos of my layout with one finger frozen in shutter press position and the other hand shaking the camera from the cold. Eventually it was worth the effort!

(a much better photo taken in the perfect, albeit freezing, morning light)

(a few detailed shots)

Note to self .. check challenge due dates!!! Scrap Around The World's next challenge goes up on the 1st of July. If you're interested in participating in their challenges, you can read their Rules of Play HERE. Oh and don't forget, their challenges are due on the 25th of the month!!!    ;)

PS: Here's a LINK to my original post about this challenge.


  1. love this layout Alz... the way the colors meld into each other and your embellishments compliment it perfectly ..