Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie!

Owl! Owl! Owl!

Okay so we know how much I love the Collections Elements chipboard Ozzie Owl to use as a template for creating paper pieced owls for cards sooooo ..


This particular Ozzie Owl features a delicious Daffodil Peony Rose and Nudies button in chesterfield (which I altered with Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink) from Ruby{B}Lou whom you can find on Facebook. The Nudies button is fabric so I didn't need to use Alcohol Ink, but I had it out to colour my pearl spray and so figured "heh, why not". It worked so yay for me!! Or Ozzie Owl anyways. As I type Ozzie Tropicana is winging his way to my mum for her birthday (happy birthday mum!) and as she's not feeling so great right now I hope his cheery disposition brightens her up some.

Light & Breezy

Light & Breezy Ozzie is a delightful mix of very old (the Petaloo flowers are ancient) and fairly new MFT dies. He's for a girlfriend's birthday a little later in the month.

The next two Ozzies are a little more vintage. Originally I intended to send Nana's Sofa to my mum but when I heard how sick she was I thought she needed cheering up. The other one turned out a little more masculine than I intended, but flowery LOL! I'm not sure who either of these will go to but they'll be handy to have in my card stash for the future I'm sure.

Nana's Sofa 

Grandpa's Garden

If you see my post Inspired by Creative JumpStart 2013 you'll see I refer to my 'usual style of card making'. These Ozzie Owl cards are a perfect example of what I'm talking about. Not a lot of stamping because I'm kinda over that, at the moment anyways, still a fair bit of layering, and lots of detail, but mostly kinda simple, clean and nice. Noice even. LOL!! I made these cards before I got stuck into the Creative JumpStart 2013 tutorials and I'm hoping the difference we can see from these cards to the card I made for GB for our wedding anniversary translates into my scrapping as well. Time will tell!

Meanwhile back at the studio, I'm very excited to share my first ever She Art with you tomorrow! Hope you're having a good one. Cheers!!!   :)

PS: Where exactly did Thursday and Friday go????


  1. What a clever little owl. Looks great no matter paper range he has on.

  2. I love all of these Ozzie owl cards, they always looks so cute. I must try some. L&H xx