Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Inspired by Creative JumpStart 2013

The most important things are the hardest to say because words diminish them.
~ Stephen King

I read the above quote on a girlfriend's FaceBook page this morning (heh Kiera!) and thought "wow". So many times I am lost for words because, quite simply, there are no words. Those who know me well are probably rolling on the floor laughing at the thought of me lost for words. But seriously guys, you all know what I mean.

At the moment this is kind of how I feel about the Creative JumpStart Summit run by Natalie Kalbach at the beginning of each year. This year is my first and all I can say so far is "wow" because really, there are no words. To date we've been inspired by Nat herself on more than one occasion, Julie Fei-Fan BalzerHeidi SwappSharon Laakkonen, our very own Louise Nelson, and Karen Ellis. It has been fabulous to watch the online tutorials by these extremely talented artists and to catch a glimpse into what makes their creativity tick.

So, digressing for a moment, GB and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary yesterday. Woot woot .. go us LOL!!! We've never really made much of a fuss about our wedding anniversary (we celebrate married life every day .. awwwww!!) but I don't know, there was something different about this year. Our relationship has shifted a little. In a good way. A very good way. We seem to be having more fun lately. Given everything we've been through in the past 19 years some would say its a good thing we're having more fun. I agree! LOL GB would agree too!! So I decided to make him a fun, lighthearted wedding anniversary card. I didn't want to go all pink and red and romantic on him and was left wondering what I could do. Then I remembered I had some of the uber talented and fabulous Charmane Koch's Charms Creations Heavenly Hearts in my stash.

19 years

Okay so it may not seem like much. Granted, it is just a card after all. But for those of you who know my usual 'style' this is so far outside of the box for me its almost scary!!! I have been so inspired by all the fabulous Creative JumpStart tutorials that I literally just jumped out of my safety zone when creating the background for this card. It looks nothing like I planned and comprises many, many layers of inking and painting and misting and stamping. I just kept on going until I was happy and here's the best part .. it was fun, fun, FUN!!!! I've had fun in the past with mixed media and enjoyed getting my hands dirty but this was different. This was addictive. Admittedly I did create five canvases for Christmas presents (yet to share), but could this wee little card herald the beginnings of a new direction for my scrapping?? All I know is I'm hanging to finish my current project and get started on a LO inspired by Louise Nelson's fabulous crackle backgrounds!!!

Oh and keeping in theme with the light-hearted nature of our wedding anniversary 'celebrations', this is what I put on the inside of the card and yes, it made GB smile, and no I didn't want to know the answer to the question posed!!!!

Honey I know you're not reading this, but here's to the next 19!   :)

PS: Who gives away handmade gifts at Christmas without taking photographs of them first? Me it seems.   :(

PPS: I made a few cards the other day before I became engrossed in the JumpStart tutorials. I'll try to remember to post them tomorrow so you can see exactly what I mean about this card sooooo not being my 'style'.   :)

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