Saturday, March 19, 2011


Nope I don't think this size is for me.

Mid November last year I created the following layout for a challenge and (amongst other criteria) it had to be 8.5x11 (thanks Maz!!).

I didn't think it would be such problem.  The main reason I've stuck with 12x12 layouts is simply because that's the size of my albums.  Yes I know I can still store an 8.5x11 in a 12x12 album but I thought it would just look, well weird.  Plus I've really developed a passion for the '2up' photos you can have printed at Harvey Norman where two photos of equal size are printed on one 4x6 photo (each photo is a little smaller than 2x3).  So why, when I've gone to a smaller size photo to either fit more on a 12x12 or to create more white space, would I want to go smaller??

Well this challenge required that I did and can you believe that I went larger with my photo?!?!  I know ... completely nuts ... well not entirely as it suited the theme of my subject!  As it turned out I was really happy with the result ... could I possibly become an 8.5x11 scrapper???

As it turns out the answer was a resounding no.  Less than 24 hours later, using a sheet of 12x12 kraft cardstock and my sewing machine, this is what happened ...

products used include the Basic Grey Offbeat collection

It turned out I just couldn't stand the 8.5x11 staring me in the face any longer!!  Am I happier with this finished layout?  Yes.  Will I make the switch to 8.5x11 layouts?  No.  Well never say never (apparently) so maybe ... one day ...

PS:  BTW another of the challenge criteria was to use lots of journaling.  It may appear that I haven't but that kraft envelope sticking out from above my large photo matt contains the journaling ... yet another of my epic tales which would have required a double layout if it was to be easily read; plus the story was a little 'daggy' and personal and so I wanted to keep it private ...

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