Friday, March 4, 2011

2011 Weekly Favourites Journal

I have finally covered the journal I am using for my weekly favourites challenge at ScrapChat.  I'm both relieved and thrilled.  Relieved because I'm not a huge fan of unfinished projects lying around, and this was one.  (Okay I confess, one of about 73!!!)  At the same time I'm not the type of scrapper who can just 'rush' something.  I wanted the cover of my journal to have a certain 'look'.  I wanted it to represent everything about what it was and then some.  Plus I'd never, ever covered a journal before.  Well not of this variety anyways.

For this year long challenge I've used a Winsor & Newton Visual Arts Diary ... you know the ones with a kind of shiny, but not smooth, textured surface.  I knew I didn't want to take the binding apart because personally that just doesn't work for me.  I knew what I wanted to cover the journal with, but had no idea what types of adhesives would work best.  I knew I wanted to add texture.  I had a vague idea of a 'title', but when I say vague I really do mean vague.  So, frustratingly (because I have just wanted to get it done and move on LOL) my thoughts for the cover of my journal have been simmering on the back burner in my mind.  And then inspiration struck in the form of a journal GB received from Carers Victoria ...

Isn't this just about the coolest journal ever?  I mean seriously?  Teal is my favourite colour at the moment so it instantly grabbed my attention.  Then the series of words down the left margin jumped out at me.  It was brilliant.  I loved it!  Suddenly I knew exactly how I wanted my journal cover to look ...

Because I love texture and textiles (I'm a real 'touchy feely' kinda gal LOL) my journal had to be covered with lots of texture.  So I chose a stunning SEI flocked paper, and added some truly sublime Chatterbox velvet ribbon from their artsylicious range, and Maya Road pom pom trim (possibly my favourite trim of all time).  I continued the texture with foam.  American Craft Thickers in foam.  Did I mention foam?  Oh how I love foam.  I've no idea what it is about the texture of foam; maybe its soft, squishiness (?); but I love it.  Using the Carers Victoria journal for inspiration I added some words on the left margin and then the year in the bottom right hand corner.  A very simple, graphic-like design, but one which speaks volumes and I love it!!  Thanks Carers Victoria for the inspiration ...

American Craft Thickers used include: daiquiri, giggles, latte and rockabye

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  1. Gorgeous cover Alz, very noice! I love the touchy feely too - AC Thickers & velvet..hmmmmm..