Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmases past

As I work industriously (she says) on handmade gifts for Christmas, which of course I'm unable to share here for obvious reasons LOL, I thought I'd take a stroll through LOs of Christmases past to keep those of you who pop by from time to time amused, interested, and who knows, possibly inspired. I created this LO when I was the project co-ordinator for an online specialist ribbon store.

Elf Style Watch
published in Scrapbook Creations issue 70

Even though it's quite a few years old now, it's still a favourite. Aside from getting to play with fun and different ideas (at the time) with ribbons, I loved the technique of applying rub-ons to felt and then cutting out the shapes to create my own embellishments. Perhaps this LO is still a favourite because there's still a lot of "today's me" in its design? If that makes sense? Whatever the case, stay tuned for more of my favourite LOs of Christmases past, coming soon.   :)

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  1. This is a great LO. Glad to see are still enjoying your creations.