Wednesday, August 24, 2016

From sunrise to sunset .. with Show Us Your Stuff

As mentioned in my earlier post, I got to scrap last weekend. Yay!!!!!! I love challenge blogs. I think we all know that about me. Yeah? That I love scrapbooking challenges. Well this month the girls over at Show Us Your Stuff had a doozey of a challenge. Use ugly paper. I know I have plenty of that in my stash. What about you?

From sunrise to sunset
some close ups

My 'ugly' papers were the honeycomb pattern from Authentique and the grey and lemon floral design from Sassafras. So as we know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yes? Well I once really liked these papers. I went through a grey and yellow phase. It didn't last as long as I thought it would and I fell out of love with the colour combo, and thought the floral paper was a bit granny-like. Oh and I loved my grandma so no disrespect to grannies LOL!  ;)

I decided not to disguise the papers with a white wash as their tones actually perfectly suited a photo of my niece I've been itching to scrap. Also, I have a small-ish box on my scrap desk where I put bits and pieces as I find them. The handmade fabric flower I made eons ago was in there. So was the kraft barcode and resin flower. I decided they'd work so threw them into the mix. Next up was using a new die I'd been aching for, which arrived last week. You know what I'm talking about yeah? Yeah LOL, I know you do! So I die-cut some scribbly roses and they kind of fell into place, and absolutely not where I had intended to use them. Okay so that bit's a lie LOL! Well not really. Maybe a little. And now I'm rambling.

If you have ugly papers in your stash, why not give this challenge a go? You can find all the details you need HERE.

Happy scrapping peeps.


  1. Hi Alison I just love your page and wanted to let you know it is simply beautiful. I have entered the same challenge at Show us your Stuff and think it is a nice gesture to let others know when a job is well done. Keep up the good work Barb H.

  2. Great LO, i agree, challenges get me going too. Thanks for sharing your lovely layout with us! :)