Sunday, February 8, 2015

SBM Masters .. challenge no. 1

So as I sift through my 27 draft blog posts I'm finding some stuff I'd almost forgotten about! This is the layout I did for the first Scrapbooking Memories Master challenge .. to scrap with a 5x7 photo.

published in Scrapbooking Memories Vol 17 No 7

I wasn't in the least deterred about using a 5x7 photo despite once upon a time being slightly terrified of them! Nowadays I'll often opt for a 5x7 photo if the photo warrants it. It was just a matter of finding one that was appropriate as it needed to have 'engaging eye contact', or something to that effect.

Traditionally, amongst scrappers, this particular challenge is known as the "front cover" challenge LOL! I didn't even think of that when I did my layout. I would have loved to have my 5x7 layout featured on the front cover of the Masters magazine but it didn't occur to me until well after I had completed my layout. Perhaps that was a good thing LOL?!. Anything other than this layout may not have made the grade!?

I loved creating this layout; it just flowed. I have to say a very special thank you to my girlfriend Brooke of Occasions with Flair for giving me permission to scrap photos of her sons at my whim! I came across this particular photo on Facebook and although it was originally a landscape photo, and really kind of boring, I could see Master X's little face smiling out at me and I knew I had found the right photo!

Admittedly I made mistakes whilst scrapping this page. But that's the beauty of mixed media, you can just cover them up or leave them as they are as most likely no-one will notice and no I'm not pointing them out to you LOL!

I wonder what some further sifting through my draft blog posts will reveal tomorrow or the day after?

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  1. This layout is amazing and that photo is gorgeous! Well done!