Sunday, August 24, 2014

Inspired by Catie Kennedy

One of my friends Catie Kennedy set a challenge for a group of us on Facebook. She and some friends had been chatting about their scrapping and styles and realised that they hardly ever create a layout these days without some form of mixed media on it. So Catie decided to set us all a challenge .. to create a clean layout with absolutely no mixed media whatsoever. I wasn't alone in my search for a loophole but there were none. This is what I came up with ..


You cannot imagine how desperately I wanted to just flick a bit of black paint here and there on my clean, white background. It was sooooooo frustrating. Thanks Catie LOL! In the end I used my embellishments to create textural interest and detail. The twine and wire were a great starting point.

Working with embellishments from D-lish Scraps certainly helped me to pull this layout together. I've used .. a white Bitty Bag, a strip of Bling from an old Just Add Paper kit, a black Mini Wooden PegFlair Buttons from the kraft monochrome pack, a black polka dot Pick 'n' Place Bow, black Coloured WireFreckled Fawn wood chips, a white, circle, scalloped Journal It and newly released black D-lish Dots.

Funnily enough, despite the lack of mixed media, or maybe because of it, I love this layout. It was great to be pushed so far outside my comfort zone. Thanks for the inspiration Catie although I almost dread to think what you have in store for us next!


  1. Oh this looks wonderful! Love the hearts and yes how difficult to NOT add any splatters to the background!

  2. I agree, it would now be hard not to spatter or brush or sponge or SOMEthing! Lol! You did a great job though Alz. You got movement in there with hearts and arrows and the words make me move my eyes over the whole page too. Love the photos of Bear :)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on my paper cake. Yes, the girls seemed please with their pieces. We signed one side of the inner slice and I added the date and venue on the other side. It was a gorgeous venue that we went to and I had such a good time. Sorry it took me awhile to publish your comment. My Outlook Express decided all notices from my Blog were spam and i had not noticed. I had a stockpile of comments to publish by the time I realised!! It's all good now :) I hope you and G and B are all doing well. Hugs! xxx