Saturday, June 7, 2014

Some news ..

Pretty soon you're going to see me creating layouts for challenges which you're used to seeing me do design team work for. I figured some of you might find it a bit strange so thought I'd provide you with a bit of an explanation.

If you know me at all, you'd know that I have MS. If you know me a little better you'd also know that I've struggled with mental illnesses since I was a teenager (I'm now 46). If you know me well, then you'd also know that I've struggled with my weight my entire life. Combine the three and well, I'm sure you can imagine that sometimes life takes me on some pretty difficult journeys. I'm on one at the moment. But LOL, this is not a "woe is me" post nor am I inviting you to join my personal, 'for one' pity party!   ;)

But, as a consequence of the current path my health is taking me, I've had to withdraw from the bulk of my scrapbooking design work. I cannot tell you what a hard decision that was for me. Scrapbooking is everything and then some to me. By withdrawing from the design teams though I'm creating an environment in which I can make my health my number one focus. Well that's the plan.

As you will see from posts to come I'm not giving up scrapbooking. No, not at all. I could never give it up. I will still be scrapping. The plan is to scrap a little less frequently and/or spend less time online on the Mac. Being on a challenge blog design team isn't just about creating a layout once a month. Its about looking at each of the entrants' blogs and leaving them feedback. Its about voting at the end of the month for your favourite layouts which, ordinarily, is not an easy job and can require a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between blogs. Its about promoting the challenge blog on social media. Being on the design teams for White With 1Kraft It Up and 123 challenge blogs was a dream for me. My top three favourite challenge blogs and I was on them! Me?! I still pinch myself that my peers considered me worthy of the job. At the time I made the decision to step back from my design team roles I had just been invited to join (and had said yes) a further two challenge blogs. What was I thinking??

It broke my heart to withdraw from these design commitments but I know I did the right thing. Doing so resulted in me taking a giant leap of faith in which, I'm sad to say, I have no faith. Friends have told me I will grow wings and learn to fly. My family GP has told me 'it' will only work if I believe in what I'm doing. I still have no faith but am going through the motions. Mostly. If nothing else I will have tried to change the path I'm on and that's all we can ask of ourselves isn't it? To try?

I'm thrilled to be staying on at D-lish Scraps. I did resign but after a few chats with Amanda I decided to stay. I no longer anticipate going above and beyond the call of duty (LOL) but look forward to continuing (hopefully) to inspire you each month on the D-lish Scraps blog.

In the meantime I'm going to continue scrapping the challenges from my top three challenge blogs (and then some) as and when I have the time and inspiration. Oh and you can bet you'll be seeing a lot of D-lish Scraps products used on those pages! I look forward to scrapping the odd imperfect photo and trying my hand at some pocket page scrapping. Who knows, I might even delve into the world of mini albums!   :O

So anyways that's where I'm at. Right now, I'm off to meditate (part of the new daily regime) and then tonight? Well I just may do a little scrapping! Til then .. happy scrapping and stay well!!!!   :)


  1. Oh Alz I feel for you but your health comes first. You have inspired me so much over the last decade with your scrapping, keep going at a pace that is good for you.

  2. Such a difficult decision to make but sometimes you just have to step back to move forward. Best of luck

  3. Ohh Alz ..What a big and life changing decision you have had to make and I am SUPER DOOPER EXPEALIDOCIOUS proud of you and all that you do!
    your an amazing woman inside and out!
    You have to do what your body is telling you need to do, so if that means slowing down, resting and taking a bit more of a watching approach - then so be it. I look forward to seeing your amazing work at d-lish. I couldnt even think for a second you would give up your/our beloved.
    SOOOO much hugs and love for you right now (and always).

  4. Best of luck Alz you do need to put yourself first sometimes take care, your scrapbooking will always be there for you. X

  5. Hon, I'm with you. You know what is best for you right now and I applaud you fro taking the time to focus on what you must right now. Be good to you and take things at your pace. xxx

  6. wonderful to hear you are making a change my gorgeous friend . I can relate to most of what you are saying, not the MS though . mine is a debilitating back injury when I was 8 years old . I have been meditating every day since I was 12 and zi can tell you it is a life saver. it really really works Ali .. keep going you can do it ! you can and we are all behind you sending you lots of healing light and big big hugz x

  7. I think I am at the same crossroads as you but for some of the same and some different reasons.... I am so glad you made the decision to take care of yourself... I love seeing your work and will keep a look out for it.. Good luck Alz I wish you all the best. Take care of yourself xx