Friday, June 6, 2014

Heidi Swapp Dreamy .. Anna's Craft Cupboard

The last of the three collections I got to play with as a guest designer for Anna's Craft Cupboard was the literally quite dreamy, Heidi Swapp Dreamy collection. You can find the papers in store HERE and the accessories HERE.

Choose happy

I'm not quite as 'happy' (ironic given the paper I used) with the above layout as I'd like to be. For me it doesn't quite gel but, in my defence LOL, I'd taken a hiatus from my scrapping for a couple of weeks and was finding it difficult to get back into my groove. Of these three layouts, the next two are my favourites.

On bula time

Have you noticed I'm having something of a love affair, you might say, with JAC paper and glitter at the moment? As I continue to unpack my stash (I have a five year plan for that to be finished LOL) and sort through various products, they're being sorted into three categories .. keep, re-home, second chance. The glitter fell into the second chance category. I love my German Glass Glitter but did I really need to keep this finer, synthetic glitter from my card making days? I wasn't sure and it turns out the answer to that question is a resounding yes!!

Love you

Judging by the three layouts I created with this gorgeous range I think you'd have to agree with me that it's very versatile. I have a layout of hubby and I failing miserably at taking a self portrait photo on our wedding anniversary (the beach was deserted so it was a selfie or nothing), my niece relaxing on holiday in Fiji, and one of my favourite wedding photos.

Well that's it for my guest designer work for Anna's Craft Cupboard. Now its time to get my D-lish Scraps groove on again. See you on the flip side!

Happy scrapping!   :)


  1. These look lovely! and I have 2 piles for my stash.. use it or lose it!!hehe!!

  2. I love, love, love all these...your use of these papers & designs are gorgeous!