Thursday, March 20, 2014

Where oh where have I been?

I can scarce believe that I haven't posted on my blog since the 2nd of March!!! But if I stop and think about what I've been doing I can understand why. I was fortunate enough to attend the e2c scrapping retreat in Port Lincoln this month. As it was my first time visiting the Eyre Peninsula (I have previously been to Adelaide a couple of times and also travelled to Port Augusta and the Barossa Valley) a girlfriend and I organised that we would turn our four day e2c retreat into a 10 day road trip adventure.

I won't bore you with all the details of my trip now. Besides LOL, you're going to be bored silly with seeing all the layouts I create from my trip away!! For now though I'd like to share with you three of the four classes I did whilst at e2c.

an origami nightmare of epic proportions taught by Natalie Elphinstone the paper folding techniques
of which I am determined to conquer on other layouts in the future

a positively delightful layer upon layer approach from Gina Rodgers which has filled
my head to overflowing with ideas .. I'm thinking of using a pile of photos for the layering so kind of like
creating something like this but in reverse .. and that's just for starters LOL

Hello summer
using Celeste Vermeend's layout's 'bones and ideas' whilst winging it
with our own 'add ins and leave outs'

I also did a class with the very talented Kim Archer but am afraid to say that I completely 'ballsed it up'. I plan to redo the class here at home and will share once I am done.

So what else did I do during the four day e2c retreat? I chatted and laughed, ate beautifully fresh, healthy meals, slept a little, and scrapped a lot. I managed another five layouts which for me is really something of an achievement! They were all for my DT commitments over at D-lish Scraps and are scheduled to start being revealed tomorrow. I'll also pop them up over here in the coming days.

What now? Rest and recover from the various respiratory type infections I haven't been able to fight off since I arrived home. Most likely I had a wee bit too much fun gallivanting around the countryside LOL! Find a job (just 15 hours per week). Enrol in a Certificate or two to change my previous career path to something more meaningful. Lose weight. Get fit. Oh and did I mention scrap???   ;)


  1. Wow Alz, these are super awesome layouts, especially "You are so special". However I just love them all, can't wait to see them in IRL.
    YOu got heaps done on the retreat - fantastic.

    1. The teachers were brilliant Sandy. I'm more than happy to share Natalie's torturous paper folding technique with you though I doubt you'll have the patience for it LOL! I have way more patience than you do and it drove me crazeeeee .. but so effective so what do you do???? ;)

  2. love your take on each of the classes Alz!..but you know which one is my fave!! LOVE how you made it your own..gorgeous and was so great to meet you, I hope we can both make another e2c one day xx