Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Je suis très excité .. avec 123!!!

O.M.G.! I can scarce believe it but I'm a new member of the 123 Challenge Blog Design Team!!! Excité beaucoup? LOL!!!

BTW I've no idea why I'm using French in this blog post. Perhaps because I'm very tired and when I'm tired for some truly bizarre reason, the origins of which I have no idea, I start to prattle in other languages?! Weird I know!!! LOL let's see if I can keep the rest of this post to English! LOL if I lapse into German, Russian or even Greek, s'il vous plaît pardonnez-moi!!!

So this month at 123 the challenge is to use the colour orange plus the word live and the technique? To use feathers.

Despite leaving this one to the last minute, which I never ever do with deadlines, and being so tired I could barely think (perhaps a good thing LOL?!) when I created this layout, I had an awful lot of fun. I hadn't really known which track to go down with my feathers and ended up creating my own with a fabulous Stitched Feather Template from Red Brolly. You can do sooooooooo much more with the template than I did but I wanted to keep mine simple. Will I be using the template again in a multitude of other ways? You can bet on it!! I also used some "Biot" feathers I picked up at Spotlight, just to mix things up a bit.


You can find all the details for the current 123 challenge HERE. I hope you'll join us in 2014 .. its going to be a fabulous, fun-filled year of scrapping!!!   :)

PS: Thanks to Charms CreationsNJoyfull Crafts and Scrap Friends for their sponsorship of 123's challenge this month!

PPS: Nope I'm not multi-lingual. LOL I'm not even bi-lingual!!! But bits and pieces of French and German have stuck with me from high school (mostly really useless stuff like "der kinder spielen fusball im der hause" which doesn't even really make sense LOL!). I very nearly married a lovely Greek boy (we had bought a house together), and I love all things Russian!! Plus I have an unhealthy addiction to Google Translate!!!!   ;)

PPPS: In case you're interested, here are some links to some of my previous 123 challenge entries .. July 2013September 2013October 2013, and my personal favourite November 2013.   :)


  1. Congratulations on your DT spot at 123 Challenge. Love the paint effects on this layout - looks like you had heaps of fun creating it too :)

    1. Thanks so much Karen and yep it was fun creating this LO!!! :)