Monday, January 20, 2014

Hybrid cards with D-lish Scraps

I am known for making some very elaborate cards with lots of stamping and layers and multiple techniques but do you know what? Sometimes I just want to whip up some quick and easy cards that look great but don't take forever to make. Honestly? I'd much rather spend my creative time scrapbooking. But being a paper crafter, and you'll no doubt relate to this, friends and family expect, and look forward to, receiving a hand made card.

So, I needed to make some cards but I really wasn't in the mood. Having left it to the absolute last minute and consequently having to think outside the box I figured with the multitude of free, downloadable printables circulating online for pocket page scrapping that there would surely be something suitable for card making. Right? Right!!!

These cards came together so quickly and easily I am 100% converted to hybrid card making! The free downloaded, printed images are from Kate Hadfield Designs at The Wood Connection and Teeny Tiny Cards by Kolette Hall. (I used Stampin' Up! markers to colour in sections of the Teeny Tiny Cards.)

I've used the following D-lish Scraps products on my cards .. Washi Tape, red Motex TapePVC doilies, hot pink and aqua Sequins, a hot pink 30mm Double Layered Crochet Flower, flowers from various Resin Grab Bags, Freckled Fawn Enamel Dew Drops (Black/Grey/White), Paper Clips (Silver Arrows) and Wood Chips (Birds), Skipping 5 Puffy Things (Woodgrain Hearts), various Bitty Blooms, a bow from the Resin Whimsy Bow Grab Bag, a bottle cap from the Heart Mix Bottle Caps, a Paper DoileyJournal Its by Star (Round & Rounds brights, Sweet Talkers pastel) and Carnival Tickets. Phew! LOL!

What do you think? Will you give hybrid card making a go?   :)

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