Thursday, September 12, 2013

Victorian Scrapbooking Memories Master Tour

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of attending my local scrapbooking store for the Victorian Scrapbooking Memories Master Tour where I did classes with three fabulous scrappers .. Beck BeattieLeonie Neal-Dawson and Heather McMahon. Wow! What a day!!

First up was Beck with something masculine (not a flower in sight!) and 3D bulk. Oh and I mean bulk! As in we were recycling cardboard boxes to build up the layers LOL!

Adored you
designed by Beck Beattie
(sorry I don't have a photo to show how 3D this is but the weather just wouldn't comply)

After a short break we were on to some 'mixed media, creative background, photo matting' scrapping with Leonie. I got myself into something of a mess with this one. I created my (very bright and bold) background before looking at the patterned papers in the kit. The colours were great but I really should have toned my background down a notch or 27. In the end I brought my matted photo and background home and split them into two separate layouts.

Favourite photos
designed by Leonie Neal-Dawson
(this is the one with the photo matting technique Leonie taught)

Summer Days
designed by Leonie Neal-Dawson
(this one is my too bold and vibrant mixed media background)

After another break during which we were supposed to have lunch (but I opted to shop because why wouldn't I LOL?) we were treated to a super technical challenge by Heather.

designed by Heather McMahon

Heather's layout very nearly was the death of me. I came unhinged in the class when I didn't know what photos I could use to work with Heather's title and then couldn't think of what photos I would use at all to even create my own title. So what you see above is not what Heather's LO looks like although I have tried to emulate as many of the techniques she used and keep as true to her original design as I could with the products I had at home. Heather's original layout was in blues and greens and although I tried on a further two occasions when I got home to get the layout to work for me, I just couldn't. Once I figured out it was the colours that were throwing me, and I gave it a third go with different colours, it finally came together. I think you can absolutely, most definitely see Heather's class layout in my layout. Oh and no, I'm never making a dream catcher again. Those things quite simply mess with your head! Nice one Heather LOL!!

Anyways I love that the girls had the idea to do the tour and I really hope they tour again. Thanks for an amazing day Beck, Leonie and Heather. It was fabulous to meet you all and I look forward to continuing to be inspired by each of you in times to come.   :)


  1. Hey Al, absolutely love the layouts you created from our tour!! I love how you tailored leonie and Heathers layouts to make them your own as well awesome job!!

    1. Thanks Beck! I'm really looking forward to doing more of your classes at Fast Lane once I get myself organised!! :)