Sunday, September 1, 2013

Exciting news!

I've waited sooooo long to share this very exciting news .. I've been selected to join the Spring/Summer White with 1 Creative Team!!!

My first challenge isn't until October but you can bet I'll be giving the September challenge a go. When it's announced LOL! I'm still buzzing to be selected amongst the likes of Belinda Spencer, Lisa Oxley, Sandra Wallace, Katie Howard, Irina Honcharik, Polina Sakharuk, Amy Prior, Tracey Fowler, Rikki Graziani and Susan Longman. What an amazingly talented bunch of artistic women!

I've been a long time follower of White with 1. These are just a few of my past entries which I'm able to share.

She lives life
published in Scrapbook Creations Issue 98

Young hearts
published in Scrapbook Creations Issue 98

Pure Beauty
my first ever WW1 challenge entry (January 2012)

my latest WW1 challenge entry (August 2013)
published in Scrapbook Creations Issue 104

Plus just a couple of other layouts (favourites) I've created with white backgrounds ..

June 2013

Embrace the fur
July 2012
published in Scrapbook Creations Issue 96

I don't know what the future holds for me and White with 1 but you can be assured I am going to enjoy the journey! I'd love it if you could come along for the ride with me!     :)

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