Saturday, July 20, 2013

Scrap Friends - Sketch Challenge #15

You know what it's like when something just clicks? That's what happened with this layout and I've got to say I'm more than a little delighted, albeit surprised, with the result!

Would you help

I created it with Scrap Friend's Sketch Challenge #15 in mind and that's where I'm surprised. When I first saw the sketch I mentally put it in the "maybe if I'm desperate for inspiration this month" pile. LOL! It wasn't that I didn't like the sketch. It was more that I don't ordinarily scrap multiple photos and the layout of the sketch kind of didn't appeal to me. But as I was flicking through some recently printed photos I came across some photos I'd taken in June of some of my patterned paper stash. I'm a bit 'OCD' when it comes to storage in my scraproom and some girlfriends thought it would be funny to push every other Cropper Hopper inwards so they were no longer all in a line. Pair of dags LOL! Of course I had to photograph their antics, and that's what I was going to use those photos for, to scrap about their weird and wacky senses of humour. Instead, when I saw the photos I saw an entirely different story and my layout above is the result. Thanks for the inspiration Scrap Friends!!!

Scrap Friends sketch challenge #15

If you're keen to give the challenge a go you can find all the details HERE. Good luck!!!   :)

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  1. ROCKED. that you used the journaling space to make a good long story [bit of a wordy gal myself, y'see!!] & LOOOVE the colour palette & all those arrows & stuff. Just...perfect, as far as I'm GLAD you did the sketch!!!! Thanks for joining us at SF:):):)