Thursday, April 4, 2013

Primary colours and me

We just don't get along. Primary colours and me that is. I don't know what it is about primary colours but group them together and I go blank. I do red. I can do yellow. I even do blue from time to time. But throw all three together and my first response is 'ugh'.

Moving on, friends of ours have the most beautiful little girl. She is perfect. Literally. Although mum and dad might disagree from time to time LOL! I asked if I could scrap a few photos of their precious little girl and wow, I received a whole stick full of photos. From memory it took about 15 minutes to download the photos!! This was just one of them.

Sunny day

How could I resist her eyes peeping out from behind Big Bird?? I had to scrap this photo first. Oh and before you look at the photo and read the title and wonder where the "Sunny day" is, please go on and read the journaling! It will make sense. Although I enjoy scrapping other people's photos, it can sometimes prove difficult to convey the emotion/memory behind the photo into the layout with the title and journaling. Because she's 'holding' Big Bird, and her nursery is all Sesame Street, I decided to go with the Sesame Street theme song. I hope they'll like it.

Oh and by the way, thank god My Mind's Eye have a collection (On the Sunny Side) with primary colours!!

Cheers .. Alz  :)


  1. Ohhh, that is so cute! What a gorgeous little girl :) Glad you found a way to scrap with primary colours, Alz. You do everything well, you know. I think it's the love you put into everything.

    Wish you were coming to Ohana! xxx

  2. Lol about the Cards fro the Troops, Alz :) Yes, we can start making Christmas cards to send to the Troops anytime from now till October. I had some inquiries about when the next drive was kicking off, and I didn't want to discourage that enthusiasm, so it is officially kicked off NOW! Thank you for planning to make some more cards fro the Troops this year. You are a gem. ♥♥♥