Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From humble beginnings

By viewing Nature, Nature's handmaid, art, 
makes mighty things from small beginnings grow.
~ John Dryden (English poet [1631-1700])

I've wanted to try my hand at some 'real' mixed media for a long time. For 14 years (officially anyways) I've been playing with paper and paint and other mixed media, but not on canvas. I've desperately wanted to drag out a canvas (and trust me, I have a few!!) and just 'go for it', but I've lacked the courage. I've been scrapping now for eight years and its almost as though I've become stuck in a '12x12 rut'. I've happily sat and watched my girlfriend (heh Sandy!) create amazing She Art canvases but not been able to dip a brush into paint and apply it to canvas myself. To a 12x12 LO? Yes!

That was until Christmas. A whole pile of bills, the biggest ones unexpected and in excess of 2.5K, starting rolling in and suddenly, I wasn't so prepared in the presents department as I would have liked to have been. Suddenly Christmas was about handmade gifts for my girlfriends and I didn't have the vaguest idea where to start. I was particularly worried about my gift for one of my girlfriends (heh SJ) because, quite simply, I'm in awe of her amazing creative abilities. What does the pauper sketching with charcoal on the pavement give Rembrandt?? Well, the pauper threw away the charcoal and got out the mod podge and some mini canvases LOL! This was the result ..

Pour mon amie
I've added some close up shots below.

I confess this wasn't the easiest project I've tackled so far but it's up there with the most fun and educational. Oh, and messy LOL! I love, love love to play with messy stuff. I love going to bed at night with my hands covered in ink and paint stains which resisted the most vigorous of scrubbings. The mini canvases are full of symbolism and love. They are each framed with a simple, white IKEA frame. SJ loved them (so she says LOL) and I have to admit, parting with them was not easy. If they had been more 'generic', they might just have not made it under the tree!

Anyways here are those close ups I mentioned ..

dream cherish

live laugh

love forever

hope believe

These mini canvases represent the beginning of my mixed media on canvas journey. They gave me the courage to do my first She Art (shared in my previous post) and have lit a fire of aspiration. Pretty soon the many canvases I've bought over the years (with the best of intentions) will be full. By the end of 2013 I hope to see some of my own canvases adorning the walls of our home. From humble beginnings, who knows what might grow?   :)

PS: Thanks SJ for allowing me to 'borrow' these to photograph and share.   :)


  1. Gorgeous Alz

  2. No, thank you for giving m something so beautiful. And for the record, I truly adore them. Each and every time I walk into my studio I see them and smile. They are perfect and represent my beautiful family and life's journey. Xxx