Saturday, May 26, 2012

The story of ..

The Princess who cut off her nose

Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away there lived a Princess who lived a blessed life. The Princess had met and married her Prince Charming many, many years ago and they were living happily ever after. In honour of the Princess and as a public display of his continuing love and affection for her, the Prince built the Princess a beautiful, big, new palace. In that palace the Prince built a special room devoted purely for the Princess' every indulgence and pleasure. A large, sunny room in which the Princess could bide her time lounging on the royal red sofa, shopping and chatting on the non poisonous Apple, and scrapping at the large, flat pack table the Prince himself toiled over night and day to construct.

The Princess loved her special room. It was her favourite room in the palace on long, dark days when the Prince was out conquering lands and protecting their kingdom. Those long, dark days were the only blight on the Princess' tranquil, harmonious life.

One day though, not long after the Princess and her Prince had moved all their worldly possessions to the new palace, the heavens opened and rain poured upon the lands. The kingdom was devastated by the floods which followed and the palace was not spared. The Prince laboured long and hard to have the repairs to the palace done but so many of the people in the kingdom needed help, a tradie was difficult to find. Without the use of her treasured, special room, the Princess was unhappy. The Prince, unable to bear witness to her distress, was strong and persevered, eventually restoring the palace to its former glory. The Princess was happy again.

Many happy days and nights followed. The weather cooled. Winter came. Green buds blossomed in the Spring. The Summer winds were hot and dry. The land shifted. Some in the kingdom whispered of sorcery. "The Princess and the Prince were too happy" it was said. "Mother Earth is not happy." The kingdom and its people suffered as the land shifted and damaged their homes. Treacherous rumours that the Princess was a witch started to reach far and wide. Then one day the walls of the palace started to creak and groan .. and crack. The palace was falling apart. The whispers of sorcery and rumours of witchcraft died.

Once again the Princess and the Prince found themselves moving their royal possessions from one wing of the palace to the other. If the cracks were to be repaired the rooms needed to be emptied. The Princess was sad, oh so very sad, that she was to lose the use of her cherished room yet again. The Princess was sad that in the short time she and her devoted Prince had been living in the Palace, the royal trunks were yet to be fully unpacked. The Princess faced another long, cold Winter without her heavy garments to keep her warm. She was tired. She wondered whether she and the Prince would have been happier in the old, run-down palace they and their ancestors had lived in for hundreds of years.

Whilst working hard to protect his kingdom, the Prince devoted his life to making his Princess happy and restoring their palace. Still the Princess was unhappy. She became ill and despite his every effort, the Prince was unable to find what ailed her. The long, dark days with the Prince away became longer, and darker. Without her own, special place in the palace, the Princess did not know what to do. She was no longer able to rest on the royal red sofa. Although the Prince had moved the non poisonous Apple and the Princess' most frequently used scrapping materials and tools to the royal dining chamber, the Princess continued to languish.

Eventually the royal doctor was called to the palace. In his infinite wisdom, the royal doctor immediately saw what was wrong. The Princess was without a nose! The Princess was aghast! "Why hadn't the Prince said anything?" she asked. "Surely you had noticed my nose had fallen off?" she accused the Prince. The Prince stood tall, and lovingly gazing into her nose less face, quietly told the Princess her nose had not fallen off, that she had cut it off and that it lay in state in the room he had so lovingly built for her.

The Princess ran to the royal bed chamber sobbing. "Why would I cut off my own nose?" she cried. "If I cut off my own nose that would spite my face!" The Princess sat in the royal red throne in the royal bed chamber as the sun moved across the sky, eventually disappearing over the horizon. Slowly the Princess began to understand the Prince's words. The Princess knew of her Prince's love and devotion for her. She realised the Prince's words were gently said and meant only to help her see the error of her ways. The Princess realised that simply because she could not use her own, special room didn't mean she could not pursue her favourite past times and be happy.

The next morning, as the sun rose splendidly in the sky, sending shafts of light and joy across the kingdom, the Princess picked her nose up off the floor of her special room, placed it upon her face, and smiling, walked to the royal dining chamber and started using the non poisonous Apple and scrapping.

~ The End ~

The Princess' favourite room in the palace

The royal dining chamber

Scrap and be happy!


  1. And they lived happily ever after.

    OMG Alz I keep telling you that you should write books, you would be such a wonderful writer. L&H xx

    1. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence Liz! :) xx

  2. This made me laugh all the way through! Glad you are able to get back into it even if it's not in the right royal room! Hopefully you will be back there asap! Love Tim Tam

    1. Thanks so much Tim Tam! You'll be pleased to know it was our chat on FB which motivated me to update my blog! Thanks hon!!!! :) xx