Saturday, July 16, 2011

Deja vu

"This is like deja vu all over again."
~ Yogi Berra (former American Major League Baseball player [1925- ])
he he he

Okay so you have seen this layout on my blog before (LOL) but I'm sharing it again because Purple Pumpkin is having a guest design team member competition, the requirements of which are to post your favourite layout on your blog.  I'd have to say this is just about my favourite (from 2011 anyways) ...

Max's red sofa

You can read the original post HERE if you want to confirm you're not going crazy!  Although, as you'd know LOL, we celebrate craziness in these here parts!!  Oh and if you're totally in love with Purple Pumpkin's delicious embellishments and would like to be a guest designer too, then check out all the info HERE.  But you'd better be quick ... you only have until 10pm AEST on Tuesday 19th July to get your act together!  To those of you giving it a go ... good luck!!!  :)


  1. OMG !!!! this is striking and so inspiring .. love it .. hugz x

  2. Love this so much! so many pics on one layout! amazing job alz I really love it! xx :)