Thursday, February 25, 2016

Celebrating mum ..

Hooley dooley. I've just realised it's two months today since my last blog post. Let me see if I can account for my time .. nope. Can't. LOL! I have finished my course and now have two Cert IVs, one in Mental Health and the other in Disability. Yay for me! Oh and I did finish my mum's album. LOL, yay for my mum! But I haven't felt in the least like blogging and since finishing my mum's album, my mojo has left the building.

Here are those last few pages ..

Mum loved her album. So did my dad. It seems I had scrapped photos he'd never seen before and they've been married for over 55 years LOL! It was really nice watching them huddled together sharing my mum's walk down memory lane.

Getting back on track, I scrapped last weekend! Yay! My girlfriend Sandy was here for the weekend and with her encouragement, some of my mojo started creeping back in. I'll share those layouts soon. In the meantime, cheers!

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  1. These pages are lovely, I am sure your Mum will cherish her album.. I hope you are well!