Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas .. SBM Masters challenge

I wrote this post a few months ago with mixed feelings. It was my last Scrapbooking Memories Masters challenge. Where did that time go? Seriously! The year just flew by, and what a year it was. I am so thankful for the opportunities afforded me by Scrapbooking Memories and even more thankful for the wonderful friendships I've forged with the other Masters.

Our last challenge was about Christmas. As GB and I don't celebrate Christmas, I sent out the call for Christmas photos to my girlfriend Lauren of Little Red Door Photography and man did she deliver!

published in Scrapbooking Memories Vol 18 No 7

Recently I've been playing with a new style I've coined Minimalist Mixed Media (LOL) but when I submitted my Masters entry all those months ago I was pretty full on into my mixed media. So I decided that my last Masters challenge should have lots of mixed media on it. Plus I figured that if you can't go OTT on a Christmas layout, when can you? So I did!

It felt good to get my fingers dirty again.  ;)

Well that's it for my challenges as a 2014 Scrapbooking Memories Master. What's next? A complete life make over! I'm studying, studying and studying some more. I'll still be scrapping. I will always scrap. LOL I have far too many stories to tell not to ..

Happy days.

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  1. This is truly a beautiful layout, and the mixed media is wonderful. You will come back to this, just channel into your inner self. xxx