Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Shoe Tree .. with Show Us Your Stuff

I think I've lost my way, or my mojo, or my 'golden touch'. Nah just kidding. I've never had a 'golden touch' LOL! But I have lost my mojo. Now that I'm not doing any design work I feel kind of lost. Of course I'm still doing work for Scrapbooking Memories, and enjoying it, and for the most part I think (LOL), doing a good job, but the rest of it? I just feel lost.

Should I work on the 27 albums of photos I've been wanting to scrap in the pocket page style? Should I finish my mum's album and start on my dad's? Should I sort out the rest of the memories I want to scrap from my road trip in South Australia last year and then edit the photos for printing and just get on with scrapping them? Should I spend my time continuing to cull and organise my, not insubstantial, stash? Should I take the time out to continue playing with watercolours? Should I finally finish unpacking my stash from when we moved four years ago? Should? Should? Should? Sigh ..

I thought maybe doing a challenge might help. I'm not entirely sure it did.

The Shoe Tree

I used the current challenge at Show Us Your Stuff as inspiration for this layout. The challenge was fabulous and right up my alley. I love quirky challenges that both inspire me and guide me. The 'countdown' challenge at Show Us Your Stuff certainly did that. At the same time, I think this was about my third attempt at getting this layout done. Its been slowly driving me bonkers. Seriously. I started it last weekend and each day I've fiddled with it a little bit more and I've gone through at least three backgrounds. Sigh ..

The seriously fabulous 'countdown' challenge translates as follows ..

*  5 circles .. (I used buttons, a flair, enamel dots, punched out circles and a doily)
*  4 patterned papers .. (yep I've got that covered with lots of layering behind the photo of moi, oh and the background)
*  3 photos .. (again, I've go that covered .. well actually there's five .. hope that's okay)
*  2 different sized alphas (my printed journaling and title cover this bit)
*  1 handmade embellishment (my flair button is from The Greatest View and my buttons are hand painted)

Looking at my layout now I can see where I went wrong and what I could have done instead. Don't you find that frustrating? You know, when you've stuck everything down and you're looking at it later and you're like "oh I should have done this or that and it would have looked so much better"? Yeah? Could. Should. Would. Sigh ..

I am ever so tempted to pull this apart for the third (or fourth?) time but think its time to move on to another project and just breathe ..

PS: If you're looking for a fun, fun challenge and loads of Design Team inspiration, head on over to Show Us Your Stuff!

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  1. I think given this is the 3rd attempt, it is great. Loving the background paper, and the printed journaling ties in really well. Love the splashes of pink, and all the layering. I think you've met the criteria of the challenge well. Thanks for joining us at SUYS Alz.