Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas in Chicago

I miss my girlfriend Holly more than I can say. Although she moved home to the States in early 1994 the connection we have as 'besties' remains. I miss her all year round. When I'm down and not coping with what life is throwing at me. When I'm excited and bouncing off the walls. When I'm relaxed and kicking back. When I hear or see something funny. When I just fancy a chat. But it is particularly at Christmas time I now miss her the most. Holly and her husband used to come home to Australia most Christmases, with their growing tribe of boys, so Christmas and New Year was always very full on with her husband's side of the family (Holly's family is in America). Lots of partying, day trips, BBQs, weekends away and all things fun. Those days are long gone. Where once we had to rely on long emails and expensive phone calls, with thanks to Facebook we are now able to keep in touch more easily and the distance doesn't seem quite so far between us. But yes, at Christmas especially, I still miss my bestie.

Christmas in Chicago

Although I wasn't in Chicago for the Christmas depicted in this LO, scrapping the photo (at the time) of Holly's gorgeous little man helped me feel just that extra bit closer to her, almost as though I was spending time with her and her family. The LO is from 1998 so I can only imagine how old the photo is, but looking at it today, it still helps me feel closer to Holly. She and the boys now live in Arizona (LOL not quite so white at Christmas time!), yet this LO helps to keep my memories and connection strong. Merry Christmas Hols.   :) xx

PS: From memory, the bulk of the products used on this LO were from Little Yellow Bicycle.

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