Thursday, April 13, 2017

Contented spirit .. with Kraft+

This is my last share from the weekend scrapping with my girlfriend Sandy. We decided to do the Kraft+ challenge together. Sandy, because she does every, single challenge Kraft+ puts up. Me, because I need to push my boundaries and this month's challenge was about paint swatches and it just sounded like fun!!!

So off Sandy and I went to raid my local paint store. Oh and when I say 'raid' I mean as in the pillaging type. I justified our excessive amounts of paint swatches to us as we left with something like "you know, they get those paint swatches from the paint manufacturers so we're not really doing anything to the shop". lol. Oh I hope that I was right about that one.

Anyways, this is the layout I created.

Contented spirit

Although I thought this was an uber cool challenge, I didn't want my layout to become all about the paint swatches with them taking over the rest of my page. Does that make sense? But I definitely wanted them to be the inspiration for my page. So I took some quite long swatches with neutral white colours and trimmed them down to thin strips. I was then inspired to create a layout with my elements  long and thin and off to one side. Whilst raiding the paint store for swatches, I also found some neat, kraft coloured, textured swatches, one of which ended up in my layers.

Some close ups ..

I'm not sure which was more fun. Zipping out with Sandy to the paint store where we discussed building houses and renovating 'blah blah blah' (wink wink) during our paint swatch raid, or creating the layout itself. Whatever. Thanks so much for the inspiration Kraft+!

If you want to give the Kraft+ challenge a go this month you can find all the details you need HERE.

Happy scrapping!

special thanks to ReseneDulux and Paint Spot
no paint swatches were harmed during the making of this layout. actually that's a falsehood. lol


  1. So many goodies to look at on this page. I love the clean lines and the off to the side design. The photo and the quote are inspiring. Then the little ?stones and the heads of wheat/barley, the corrugated card, all add to the whole without distracting. Love the whole thing. Thanks for joining us at Kraft+

  2. Oh wow this is stunning, I love the white space and the design and love the colors you have used too.. Thanks for joining in with Kraft+ this month...

  3. Lol.. I laughed out loud when I pictured you both raiding the shelves .
    Thank you for telling the story behind your layout .. which I Love !
    I love hearing how the challenges inspire people .. that's my buzz with scrapping lately ;)

  4. I love the colours on your layout Alz, great take on the challenge.

  5. Absolutely stunning Alz 😍😍😍 Thank you for playing with us here at Kraft plus xxx