Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bz .. with Show Us Your Stuff

I've lost my scrapping way. 😞 Taking an essential six months off to care for our puppy with behavioural problems 'coming out the wazoo' (so to speak) seems to have killed my scrapping mojo. In my humble opinion anyways. My old 'arty farty' (again so to speak) 'mixed media mayhem style' isn't coming out and when I try to get it happening it looks bloomin' awful. I'm fast losing my confidence and don't know what I need to do to get it all back. I'm thinking maybe I should skip the mixed media stuff for a while and just focus on whatever I happen to come up with. Maybe, whilst I have the time, I should just force myself to scrap every day? Maybe I should focus on flinging as much mixed media as I like at canvases, and then keeping my scrapping clean and simple? Maybe I should toss in the towel and sell my mountainous stash? No, I don't think I should take the last approach. The husband might just kill me given the money I've spent on accumulating the said mountainous stash. lol. What do YOU think? Has this ever happened to you?

So, I'm desperate for inspiration yeah? Well first off this month I hit up a favourite challenge blog of mine, Show Us Your Stuff. They had a fun 'this or that' challenge a-happening and this is what I came up with.


A few close ups, especially of my hand made items including .. vintage and current Charms Creations, a couple of D-lish Scraps flair buttons, a crocheted heart, a chipboard arrow 'photo matt' I made with a template, thin chipboard and patterned paper, and then finally a wee circle embellishment which appears at the top left of the photo. The circle was from an ephemera pack in Photoplay's Cooper & Friends new pet collection which I mounted on some chipboard and then (very badly lol) applied glossy accents too.

Maybe I should add some journaling to my layout? Perhaps that's what's missing. Hmm I think I'll do that. Then at least I'll be happy putting it in Bear's album. Oh and heh guys I'm sorry about the pity party for one above. Yes I could delete it and start again but (a) I can't be bothered lol and (b) I think sometimes we should keep it real yeah.

This is the Show Us Your Stuff 'this or that' challenge ..

I went with the hearts, buttons, ribbon and stripes. It was actually kinda tricky. I went to add sequins then realised I had used buttons. Same same with the spots and stripes. Kinda tricky, but lots of fun. If you'd like to participate in the Show Us Your Stuff challenge you can find all the details HERE. Just don't forget to read all the details about using a hand made item on your layout.

Whatever you do, have fun!


  1. Hi Alz, I've always admired your work both through LO's published in magazines and your entries to challenges. I lost my way a while back as I was so damn busy with life and tired. I am finding my mojo again but I have reverted back to nice clean and simple LO's and I am trying to create more of a diary feel to my work. You're too talented to give it up! Hope this helps, Nelle.

  2. You've found it. You've got it back. This is what I remember you being able to do with ease. Thanks for joining us at SUYS Alz.

  3. Love your layout Alz. Just go where your heart takes you at the time, somedays might be clean simple layouts and then all of a sudden mixed media stuff appears. I think the big thing is DONT STRESS about it - its meant to be fun! (so we all say). Hopefully doing some challenges will get you going again! See you next month??