Thursday, October 2, 2014

Scrap The Girls .. October

I created this layout for the current Scrap The Girls challenge. A sublime mood board put together by the ever talented Rikki Graziani.

So you

I've used the following D-ish Scraps products on this layout .. hot pink and pastel mix Sequins, a 12mm Clear Glass Cabachon, a Flair Button from the Words of Wisdom pack, a Geotag Pinkfresh Colourblock Veneer, a journaling spot from the grape Journal Its Monochrome Pack and a black Coloured Doily.

You would not believe the amount of trouble the challenge gave me this month.

Rikki's stunning mood board

So you would believe me, I took photographs for proof LOL! Initially I thought something along the lines of this might work ..

Plan A

I scrapped Plan A as it just didn't have the right 'vibe' and we all know its all about 'the vibe'!  ;)  Rather than trashing a good piece of chipboard and a pretty stencil done with texture paste, I moved onto Plan B ..

Plan B

I sprayed the entire piece with white gesso. I've done this before when I've created a background I haven't been happy with. You end up with another blank canvas where your textured background is already created. But I set Plan B aside, promptly forgot about it, and moved on to Plan C. Plan C is honestly so, so bad I can't possibly share it with you. LOL I'm serious. I love sharing my work just as much as I enjoy seeing what others share but Plan C will remain in the vaults if it lasts long enough for me to forget about it. If not LOL it might just be pulled apart for spare parts.

So after the complete and utter failure of Plan C I stumbled across Plan B and what you see at the very top of this blog post is what was eventually Plan D. I've no idea what was throwing me with this challenge. I love inspiration boards and this one was no different. Honestly? I am sooooo glad I persevered because in the end, for me, I got it right. I love Plan D and without constantly challenging myself to 'get it right' Plan A may have just ended up in the trash and that would have been that.

So, whether you find the current inspiration board at Scrap The Girls inspiring or not, I want YOU to give it a go.

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  1. So glad you went back and used the page with the flower stencil as the end result is spectacular! And I hope to try and create for this one as those feathers are inspiring me somehow!,